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Meet The Team

Alchemy Jiu Jitsu is a unique martial arts academy that brings Jiu Jitsu to underrepresented members of the community.

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Daniel Camarillo is a  3rd degree Guerrilla JiuJitsu Black Belt and 4th degree Judo Black Belt. He is the head instructor and owner of Camarillo Jiu Jitsu in Bakersfield, CA, which is the academy where Alchemy Jiu Jitu’s lineage and loyalty lies. Dan started training in Judo when he was about 4 years old with his father and started competing at age 6. From there, the rest is history. When it comes to Judo and Jiu Jitsu, Daniel Camarillo is the best of the best. We are honored to call him Professor. Nicknamed the “ArmHunter”, Dan’s techniques are sought after at a world-wide level. His achievements are listed below, but we recommend looking up his videos and interviews…You will not believe it. It is incredible we get to learn from someone at his level in small little Tehachapi!




Our head instructor Daniel Neis, a Dan Camarillo black belt, brings an unprecedented amount of experience to the town of Tehachapi & Alchemy Jiu Jitsu. Daniel has trained under some of the best in the world, including Daniel Camarillo and Vagner Rocha. Daniel started training jiu jitsu in 2007 and quickly developed a love for the art. He has lived in multiple locations, and because of that, has seen many different styles. His exposure to a breadth of jiu jitsu makes him an exceptional instructor, as he has a broad range of tools to equip his students with. While training jiu jitsu, Daniel also became well versed in boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. He has competed and medaled in dozens of tournaments, Fight to Win Pro, boxing, and MMA cage fights. Daniel is a balance of easy going and intense when the time calls for it. His goal for his students is to get to know what they want out of jiu jitsu and help get them there. He recognizes that people are called to jiu jitsu for different reasons and respects that. Daniel will be providing regular check-ins for his students to assess their progress and provide proactive feedback on how to accelerate their learning.

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Meet one of the most inspirational women we know, Professor Elisabeth Bravo.


Lis is a black belt under Daniel Camarillo. She found her passion for jiujitsu in 2014 when a friend convinced her to try it out. She enjoys the community jiujitsu has provided her and the ability to share it with others.

Lis has been providing a free women’s Jiu jitsu class to the rural town of Tehachapi for over four years now. She wanted to empower more women to do Jiu jitsu and she has now built a small but mighty army of us.


Professor Lis is the reason many of us started training in the first place and has helped create an amazing community and space for the women of Alchemy Jiu Jitsu.



Steve Davis, a Dan Camarillo brown belt, started training Muay Thai in 2011 and transitioned to BJJ in 2013. He picked up MMA along the way, circa 2015, but his primary focus has always remained on Jiu Jitsu. Steve is a humble, but highly decorated competitor. He has an effective and efficient approach to instruction. There’s no doubt his style works --his ridiculous amount of medals speak for themselves! Steve loves sharing the art and helping both beginner and advanced students further their practice and refine their technique.

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Rob had an interest in jiujitsu in 2012 and started training regularly in 2013. He is a black belt under Daniel Camarillo. He believes in life long learning and says jiujitsu is the best workout.


Professors Lis and Rob are a great instructing duo. Both compliment each other’s skills and create a fun and interesting learning environment.



Rachel Jager, a Daniel Camarillo Purple Belt, started training BJJ in 2019. It was Liz’s women’s class that got Rachel hooked. The fun and friendship Liz and Yin Chi inspired kept her coming back, even if hip escapes felt like the most awkward, embarrassing movement she had ever done. Rachel has only been able to compete twice so far, but walked away with gold at her first tournament. She loves the moving meditation and game of chess aspect of jiu jitsu. She can’t wait to help the kids' class learn key concepts to make them incredibly effective little grapplers!

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Yin Chi Fuller, a Daniel Camarillo Brown Belt, started training BJJ in 2016 . She was originally looking for a kickboxing class and found Jiu Jitsu instead! It was love ever since. Jiu Jitsu has provided Yin Chi a terrific physical outlet as well as a great sense of stress relief and wellness. She has encouraged many women to try Jiu Jitsu and continue training. Yin Chi is excited to share her love and passion for Jiu Jitsu with others, both kids and adults. Yin Chi also has a unique background that includes a Master of Education, lending her specially equipped to create a learning rich environment.

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A seasoned Daniel Camarillo purple belt, he is always there to make his teammates better. No matter how tough the roll, he’ll sit with you after and break it down with you.


Coach MJ will be helping with the kiddos too! His own son trains and MJ is passionate about making sure all of the kids get the instruction and attention they need.



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